Monday, December 7, 2009


Today we hit Moraine Hills for our Monday Morning Hike. This was our first snowy outing...and watching Matias try to walk in snowpants and boots made my day. Violet was in 2 snowsuits, in her bunting, in her carseat with the awning all the way over her. Matias rode on my back for most of the mile and a half, but did do a bit of walking. We sang many rounds of "Jingle Bells"...I sang the words, he sang the "HEY!" part.

I think we saw a muskrat. Something brown and furry was swimming in the water, and it seemed too small to be a beaver. I don't believe we have otter around here, but I could be wrong. There were a few muskrat lodges around, so I am going to go with muskrat!

We came home, lit a fire in the fireplace and ate our lunch. And then the kiddos napped and napped and napped! Always a nice way to start the week!


There is something exciting about making something by hand for Christmas. I am trying to make some handmade gifts for the kids this year. I made Violet a little polar fleece ball made out of a purple vest that had lost its zipper. I think she'll like grabbing onto the little tags and knots. I am going to put her initials on it. For Matias, Matt and I are working together to make him a beanbag set. I am making the bags out of a pair of old jeans, and embroidering on the names of the shapes. Matt is making a cardboard target to go with it.

Lots of crafty fun going on at the Handley house right now!

I'll add some pictures when I get them done!
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