Sunday, September 30, 2012

Squishy Bags

I've been asked a lot recently what I do with Beatrice while I am homeschooling the others.  To be honest I am still trying to figure that out...some days are better than others.  She has a lot of naps and snacks!  But one day I gave her a squishy bag (shaving cream and food coloring) taped to the table, and she sat with us and played for quite a while.  As long as she feels included with the big kids, she's usually a happy camper!  Any other ideas to keep her included/occupied/not eating Legos?  Please share!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bee Wrapping Paper

For Beatrice's "bee" party, Violet and I decided to make some wrapping paper.  Here is what we did:

Cut a potato in half and pour some yellow paint on a tray.

Make little yellow potato prints across the paper.

When dry, draw wings, stripes, faces and little flying lines to make bees.

Wrap up the gifts in the bee paper with yellow and black yarn.  Voila!

For the Kids Friday

Family portraits

We took the kiddos to get birthday pictures taken this week.  Always a fun a glad we did it, glad we don't have to do it again for a while way!  I'll start with the good ones in no particular order, and leave you with my favorites at the end!

Violet Jayne, 3 years old

Beatrice Mae, 1 year old
Matias George, nearly 5 years old

And now for my "favorites"...

Just contemplating...
world peace.

getting dizzy

woah...crashing into the background



woah...crashing into the background

I'm melting!!!
tip your head, raise your shoulder, cross your hands, look here, smile, now look natural

the loves me...I was born for this moment

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sprinkle

Last week I had the pleasure of celebrating the upcoming arrival of Janet's baby, Rebecca, with some wonderful friends.  Third babies need some anticipation too...even if they don't need all the stuff.  According to the interwebs, a shower for a subsequent child is called a "sprinkle."  So we had a sprinkle (though we all decided it sounds like something that happens after the baby is born- particularly if it is a boy).  We went to Carnivale and had some ahhh-mazing Latino food.  Luckily, we left room for dessert.  Now we are just waiting for the little lady to arrive so we can get our baby snuggle fix!  My baby is getting altogether too big too fast...can't wait to cuddle a newborn again!

The five of, the diaper cake was not our dessert.
THIS was our dessert!
A little outfit for Rebecca...ravelry notes here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Beatrice!

Beatrice Mae- you are one year old today!  What a year we have had a rocky start, but have grown into a healthy, happy, sweet, sweet, sweet little girl. We are so thankful to have you.  You are our snugglebug...there is nothing better than you sleeping in our arms with your blankie in one hand and your thumb in your mouth.  You adore your brother and sister and follow them around.  You have learned to crawl and pull up to standing, and you love to wave to everyone and say "Bah Bah!!"  You've met tons of people and traveled the world this year.  Though it is hard to believe you've been here a year already, we also can't imagine life without you.  Happy Birthday baby girl!  We love you!
Beatrice Mae, September 2011
Beatrice Mae, September 2012
 We HAD to have a bee party for our little Bea.  Here are a few photos from her big day:
Honeybee for us, one for her
Gifts wrapped in paper made by Violet

Chilling with Grampa Griese

Snuggling with her great grandma

Lots of wonderful friends came to celebrate

It was a beautiful Fall day

Opening gifts

She had almost NO help with the presents...

Lots of fun toys...and crazy momma face in the background

Time for the main event...the cake!


Oh yea!

I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

Is there more momma?  No problem, I'll just eat the plate.

That was great!

Like my new hat?

My first pair of "big girl" shoes

We ended the night with the first fire of the season.

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