Saturday, September 15, 2012


A favorite activity from this summer was cooking with REAL FOOD in our back yard mud pie kitchen.  The kids loved it because it felt so real and grown up.  I loved it because it was a great excuse to clean out my cupboards!  

Here's what we used:

-pie plates
-plastic knives and spoons
-pots and pans
-a trickling garden hose
-leftover bits of food: goldfish cracker dust, nearly empty pb jar, old jams and jellies, caramel topping, sprinkles, ketchup packets, frosting, dried out oranges, tea bags, popcorn, colored noodles that we made for stringing, cloud dough (flour and baby oil) that has been much loved.  

Lay out the food for the chefs

Gather some friends!

Give each kid an apron and a pan and let them at it!

They spent nearly an hour cooking

Be sure to ask what they are making...strawberry spaghetti birthday noodle cake

Cleaning up with the garden hose was almost as much fun as the cooking!
In Lieu of Preschool

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