Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recycled Letter Ornaments

I got this idea over at No Time for Flashcards and it was a big hit.  Plus, we have a lot of foam bathtub letter laying around that I was only too-happy to put to use.

 Matias colored the letters with markers (which feel really nice on foam!) and then painted each one with red and green paint.  Anyone who knows my little letter-monster can guess that this was much enjoyed!
 I poked holes in each one and added a loop of fishing line to hang them.
The kids had fun decorating, undecorating and redecorating the tree.  They are so light that it is very easy to hang them- even if the loop only makes it over one needle.  Since we haven't gotten around to decorating our tree yet, it was fun to do- I think these ornaments may live at the bottom of the tree this year, and we'll put the less durable ones up top.  I love a good recycling project!

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