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Hi!  I am Helen and I'm glad you happened upon my blog.  I am a mother to three children, ages 1, 3 and 5.  I met my husband, Matt, in high school when we were 16, and after many years of dating, we have now been married for 7 years.  In my previous life I taught kindergarten in inner city Chicago, but now I am lucky enough to stay home with my kiddos.  We have moved out of the city and enjoy our backyard garden, traveling, cooking, sewing and crafting.

I have so much fun writing this blog- it is first and foremost a record of our days and the fun we have.  We are entering the wild worlds of homeschooling and foster parenting, so these topics will surely make their way into this space as well.  If you see something that inspires you, all the better!

I must add the disclaimer that this is a curated collection of our daily activities.  I leave out the bad stuff...the yelling, whining, leaky diaper, frozen-pizza-and-go-to-bed moments.  All that happens too, trust me, but in this space I try to share the good.

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