Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sprinkle

Last week I had the pleasure of celebrating the upcoming arrival of Janet's baby, Rebecca, with some wonderful friends.  Third babies need some anticipation too...even if they don't need all the stuff.  According to the interwebs, a shower for a subsequent child is called a "sprinkle."  So we had a sprinkle (though we all decided it sounds like something that happens after the baby is born- particularly if it is a boy).  We went to Carnivale and had some ahhh-mazing Latino food.  Luckily, we left room for dessert.  Now we are just waiting for the little lady to arrive so we can get our baby snuggle fix!  My baby is getting altogether too big too fast...can't wait to cuddle a newborn again!

The five of, the diaper cake was not our dessert.
THIS was our dessert!
A little outfit for Rebecca...ravelry notes here

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