Monday, November 23, 2009


There is just something special about holding a baby. A warm, squishy, floppy, soft, kissable baby, with that new baby smell is just made to be cuddled.

Even Matias senses it...more and more often I am hearing "Hoowd Baby Violet? Hoowd her? Sit in big chair. Hoowd Baby Violet." His holding sessions don't last long, but he seems to crave a little snuggle time with his warm, squishy little sister now and then.

I'm not sure Baby Violet has fully embraced the snuggle time with big brother yet (pun intended)- he is gentle, for a two year old...which is to say, not that gentle! But she has been smiling at him and watching him like a hawk lately. He is the best entertainment a baby could have! I am thankful for my 3 fantastic siblings, and it makes me so happy that my kids have a sibling as well. Watching them grow more aware of each other is a joy!

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