Thursday, January 6, 2011

Water Painting- Violet Style

I decided today that Violet might like to color on some big paper on the window.  Well, like so many things with our independent little girl, she made it clear that she could decide what she would enjoy so much better than I could.  So our coloring turned into sticking, and then painting.

She was intrigued with the way I taped the picture to the window, and brought me the roll of masking tape, saying "DIS.  DIS" and pointing to the window.  After using up much of my dwindling roll of tape, I thought to get her a sheet of stickers, which she ever so carefully patted up onto the paper.

We left the paper and I thought she had finished...and disappeared...until I found her about 5 minutes later with a paintbrush (which she must have gotten down by standing on something- I don't want to think about it), exclaiming again "DIS."  So I got her a cup she could hold herself with about 5 drops of water (following one of my favorite rules- don't give kids more than you're willing to clean up when it spills), and let her "paint" the paper.  Because the paper was up against the window with the sun shining through, the water looked really pretty, and even though she spilled her "paint" about 5 times, it was no biggie to clean up and replace.

I think I will let Violet plan all of our art projects from now on- she had a much better idea than I did!

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  1. That is awesome! I love that she climbed up somewhere to get that paintbrush. She sure is a determined gal and a climber :)


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