Monday, May 23, 2011

Sewing for Summer

I am finally beginning to come out of my first-trimester (and a half) fog of exhaustion and return to the sewing room.  Matt was kind enough to give me an entire day to myself on Saturday, and wow, it is amazing what you can get done in an un-interrupted day!

I made a few surprises for birthdays and milestones coming up in the next few months, but also a few summer dresses for Miss Violet.

For one, I cut down an old tank-top of mine...looks much cuter on her than it ever did on me!

For two others, I used my favorite baby-dress pattern, the same one I used to make her 1st Birthday Dress...but this time in the 2/3T size.

In typical Violet fashion, the best pictures I could get of her in these dresses were of her standing happily outside in a puddle.  She is our nature girl! Also, please notice the snow boots in the first picture- her brother's winter boots are her current footwear of choice.  Why?  Because she can DO IT HERSELF, of course.

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