Tuesday, July 19, 2011

:: right now ::

I am...

:: typing oh so quietly, listening to four (4!!) still-sleeping children

:: hoping our friend (and owner of children #3 and 4) makes a quick recovery

:: enjoying our newly-arranged house and new-to-me computer

:: so looking forward to the wedding festivities for my sister this weekend

:: realizing HOW MANY loved ones I will get to see at said wedding- wow!

:: feeling drawn to sew and knit baby clothes- thinking there is some efficiency to knowing if we are having a baby girl or baby boy, but still not willing to find out

:: awed at how humid it can be at 6:45 am

:: debating the merits of being inside the ac, or outside in the sprinkler

:: craving pancakes with some of that fresh cherry jam from our tree

:: savoring that last few minutes of silence for the day...ahhhh

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