Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby!

It seems that with each additional child, there is less preparation required.  Not much to buy, lots of clothes, toys, bouncy seats, carseats and excited siblings ready and waiting.  That said, every new baby deserves a few new things, and preparing is part of the fun!

We've been up to a bit of preparation in the past few's some of our progress:

Our dear friends the Baylors are moving to Scotland, and were kind enough to give us this dresser.  Julie showed up at our house a few days after Violet was born with a big bag of girl clothes that her daughter had outgrown, and continued to supply us with beautiful hand-me-downs for two years.  It seems a fitting gift that we should have a Baylor dresser in our house!  I still had cans of paint leftover from painting the nursery from Matias 4 years ago, so with a few coats of paint and a few Winnie the Pooh knobs, we have added a dresser to our matching nursery set!

Right now, our two kids share a sleeping room and a play room.  We are loathe to give up either at the moment, and since baby will be in with us for a few months, we are going to bide our time deciding on sleeping arrangements.  For the time being, the nursery will be in Mommy and Daddy's room.  The crib is up, the changing table and dressers filled with freshly-washed baby clothes.

A few more things came down from the attic today and are awaiting a trip through the washing machine.  We are just about we just have to wait for this little one to pick a birthday!

...and a quick shot of me and Baby #3 for those who requested it...

 Beyond The Picket Fence

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  1. I am sooo glad that the dresser worked out. IT looks gorgeous Helen!!! So glad you are feeling ready. You are looking pretty gorgeous yourself!!! Praying for you for your LO safe arrival. Love that you have a "Baylor Dresser" in your kiddos room. That is so special to us :) Love you!


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