Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Mornings!

Recently I read a blog post by my friend Julie, who said that "We used to both wake up at the first cry of our daugher around 7:30 and curse the day with our first breath (you know what I am talking about!)"  I don't know about you, but this sure resonated with me.

Matt and I decided to follow Julie's lead and try a new morning routine.  Now I get up with Matt at 6am.  We light a candle on the kitchen table and enjoy a cup of coffee and some breakfast, make Matt a lunch together, and he heads off to work.  Then I have a chance to browse the Interwebs, read my blogs and finish my coffee.   Then I shut down my computer (!!), put out cups of milk and breakfast for the kids, and get them up around 7:15.  While they eat, I empty the dishwasher and chat with them about what our day will hold.

Why this has been a wonderful blessing for us:

* It has made us go to bed earlier, and actually get MORE sleep
* We get to spend some time together in the morning, which puts us both in a good mood for the day
* We are making coffee and lunches instead of buying them
* My children wake up to a house that is warm, candlelit and waiting for them
* We are all fed and dressed and ready to start playing and working by 8am
* I get my fill of free time in the morning, and then turn off my computer- no more "quick checks" throughout the day (which really add up to a lot of time!)

Thanks Julie for the inspiration!

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  1. haha- I just got to read this(been busy :) But SO glad it is working out for you guys! Sounds like an especially nice routine you have going :)


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