Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Garden Journal

This is our 2012 beginning of Spring picture.

This year we are splitting our garden into three more manageable plots.  Each will be 6' by 16' with a 2' walkway of mulch between them, versus our 14' by 16' from last year.  We are hoping for a bit more organization (and less tomato-green bean warfare).  Here is what we accomplished today:

-pulled up landscape timbers
-took down fence (going to try without a fence this year)
-removed the buried soaker hose
-staked out the new garden beds
-bought/acquired lumber
-moved pavers and began to take up grass

Not a bad start for mid March.  Our next few weekends, however, are filled with travel and Easter, so we are hoping to get the beds in tomorrow, have dirt and compost delivered a week and a half from now, till and then put in the irrigation system.  Then we will be ready to plant.
Sunday Edit- Look, we did it!

We also need to move the strawberries to a sunnier location, plant some rhubarb and are hoping to put in a snacking garden in the front of the house for Violet, who loves to eat right out of the garden.   That will include eatible flowers, peas, beans, maybe some basil...we'll see what she decides on.

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  1. Love the photo with the baby on your back! Looks like your garden is getting in good shape. How fun!


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