Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What He Learned Making Dinner

Carry one egg at a time
Scoop carefully

Hold the egg over the bowl

Hold onto the bowl while you stir

Cleaning up is part of cooking

How to be careful by the stove

The satisfaction of a job well done

What I learned...how to le go of my type A tendencies for a few minutes.  He was having a tough day, and I suggested that he might want to cook something.  That turned into him wanting to make dinner for us- risotto, sauteed Swiss chard and brownies.  He did a really great job and hung in there with it until he had completed everything.  He especially liked calling Daddy to find out what time he would be home, so he could time dinner right.  And really, at the end of the day, it only increased the cleanup by just a bit.  Now he is into being the chef and regularly asks to make dinner (his future spouse can thank me!)

**Side note to everyone who claims that a picky eater who is involve in the cooking process will most certainly eat the food he has made.  HA!  Not this kid.  He made the whole thing and still quite politely declined to eat the rice and greens...even though it meant he had to wait to have a brownie until the next day.  Its a good theory, but always makes me laugh...my kid will see your theory and raise you a "still not going to touch that".**

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  1. I love it. Tallen is the same - he will happily help make something and then not touch it unless it happens to be sweets! Good job, M!

  2. This really made me smile. I love the pictures telling the story! You're great--I still have a hard time letting go and letting my kids make dinner. I think I'll plan on it for next week, though!
    Thanks for linking up again!
    --Gena at ichoosejoy.org

  3. I love that he made it and still wouldn't eat it! I also have a hard time putting aside my need for control, but my boys take so much pride in making dinner. Thanks for linking up with us!
    Becky Marie


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