Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breakfast at the Beach

This week we tried something new...breakfast at the beach.  Inspired by Amanda Soule's new book The Rhythm of Family, I decided we'd head outside at some different times of the day to see what we might discover.

We threw on some grubby clothes and a hat and packed a basic breakfast.  Turns out that our local beach is empty of people at 7:15 in the morning (imagine), but full of ducks, fish, the beach-smoothing tractor and one big white goose we decided to call Honker, who looked like he'd like nothing better than a nibble on a little finger for his breakfast.

We had our fruit and dry Shredded Wheat out on the dock, and then the kids waded in the water for an early morning dip.  Of course, when you're one and three years old, wading is a full body submersion activity!  We had a nice discussion about dew...and why we only find dew on the grass early in the day.  It was a nice morning that I hope we can repeat throughout the year.  We may also have to head over there for an evening trip soon to see how it compares.

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