Monday, August 22, 2011

This little girl of ours

Oh, this precious almost-two-year-old Violet of ours!  She is becoming such a little lady and such a personality of her own.  At any given moment, she is an artist, a writer, a singer, a swimmer, a baker, a gardener (or at least garden eater!), a naturalist, a snuggler...and always with 100% of herself put into it.  She doesn't walk- she runs everywhere.  She knows her mind and speaks it well.  She stands up for herself, with "mines" and "me toos" and "Violet's turn now" echoing through the house most days.  I am frequently flattered by her "like Mama" it that our clothes or hair match, or that we are both cooking or writing or just cleaning the bathroom together.  She is quick to offer hugs and kisses and "rocks" and the "bye-oh baby" song to any doll, animal or toy that is treated just a touch too roughly by her brother.  She can locate and tell you what "Tias" is up to at all times...and watches his every move..she doesn't miss much.  And not a day goes by without at least one giggle fit.  Perhaps our most recent favorite is her offering the words "I love you" completely unprompted.  Melts our hearts!

We are having so much fun with our little Violet and love her more each day!

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