Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Beatrice got to come home for her 1 week birthday.  We are SO thrilled to have her home where she belongs, and she is officially a "normal" baby...so other than deal with our anxiety, there is nothing special we have to do for her.  Perfect, normal baby!  We celebrated with a dinner of Gino's East Pizza...a family tradition.  With Matias and Violet, we had the pizza right before they were born, but since Beatrice caught us by surprise, we decided to wait until she could join us for the dinner.  It was worth the wait!
Hard at work on a banner for Beatrice

A little outfit I made for our Fall baby- glad she is a girl so she gets to wear it!

Wearing real clothes...yawn!
So little!
3 kids in a minivan...wow.

First family dinner- Gino's Pizza!

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