Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Noogler

Matt headed back to work today (well, actually to NY for a big meeting), so we had to take a few Googly pictures of Beatrice for him.  I have to give kudos and a great big thank you to Google for being such an awesome, family-friendly company to work for.  Matt gets seven weeks of paternity leave (to take over the next year), as well as other little gifts and perks...like money to spend on cloth diapers!  Best of all, his boss has been scolding him for checking in with work, telling him to just enjoy his leave and stop worrying.  If every company in America offered parents such generous benefits and leave, it would really change the landscape (we'd all think we were in Scandinavia!).  Having been on the other end of the scale in the past, we are so appreciative of the time we've gotten to spend as a family without having to worry.  

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