Monday, November 7, 2011

A Map Party FOUR Matias

Matias is FOUR!  My little boy is so much fun and has such a personality of his own.  One of my favorite things about him is how he takes interest in things that you wouldn't necessarily expect from a little guy.  Most recently, he has been obsessed with maps, and when I asked what kind of birthday party he would like, he said "A MAP party!"

How do you throw a map party, you ask?  Well, after a search of the Internet, I came to the conclusion that map parties have been few and far between.  So in case another child ever requests a map party, I offer here the ideas that I couldn't find...
(and check out the cake here at

Step 1: The Decor
Maps, of course, and a globe!

We taped map puzzle pieces to the walls

Step 2: The Cake

I found a Wilton USA Map cake pan on eBay.  I made one USA cake, and two thin cakes on cookie sheets (line with foil so you can turn them out!)

Place the two cookie sheet cakes next to each other and put the map cake on the top.  I frosted them and sprinkled them with colored sugar (sugar with food coloring stirred in).  I made a little paper template for the great lakes that I covered the cake with while I added the green sugar, and then spooned blue sugar into the lakes.

I added a Google Maps- style marker where we live with a 4 for the birthday boy's age.  I used a white tablecloth with a map as a table runner.  

Step 3: The Party!



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