Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November!  October has been a trying month for us, but it has not been without its joyful moments.  As it is now the month of Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to look back at the month with a view of gratitude (rather than rehash the drama, and oh have we had drama!)

Feeling oh so thankful for..

:: Lots and lots of baby snuggles
:: Halloween fun
:: A baby growing big and strong, despite my desire to keep her tiny forever
:: Last harvest from the garden...in dancing boots
:: A tired trick or treater...in dancing boots
:: Matching mama-made dresses...and dancing boots
:: Little activities to pass a rainy day away
:: A little girl who is never too sleepy for fashion
:: Giggles
:: Family trips to the beach
:: Yummy new bread recipe and delicious derivations
:: And most importantly, a healthy family

(and if we could maybe get away with a FEW less trips to the hospital this next month I would be VERY thankful for that as well!!)

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