Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Switzerland Day #4

Day 4- Today we slept in a bit- nearly adjusted to the local time.  Then we made the drive up through the Juan Pass to Marianne's Aunt Therese's mountain farm- Baederalp.  She runs a small hiking stop/B&B, serving drinks, cheese and dinner to travelers.  It is so high and very beautiful.  We ate a sampling of cheese and, after a tour, climbed into the homemade hot tub overlooking the Alps. It was an awesome 39 degrees Celsius.  All 5 of us loved it.  

Then the kiddos napped in the straw while Matt and I enjoyed the hot tub and the view some more.  Anita and Beat came up for a dinner of Raclette.  Very Swiss and a big hit.  We watched the milking and the goats and cows heading up the mountain with their bells on.  It sounds so pretty to hear all those bells.  Dessert was meringues cooked in a sun oven (there must be an engineer in this family!) and served with very fresh whipped cream.  Yum.

Matt braved the Swiss roads- for a few minutes
This is a common sight.  This is also considered a generous passing zone.  

A rent the whole RV, roof and all!

Baederalp...Aunt Therese's mountain home.

This doesn't give a good sense of depth, but the swingset is on the edge of a big hill.  They loved it!

Proof that I was also along on the trip!

The kids' first experience with cows and milking.  They thought the best part was the men who walked around with milking stools strapped to the seat of their pants.  

Aunt Therese treated us to a sampling of Swiss cheeses...all made right in this very kitchen.  

But the best part of Baederalp...the hot tub.  Hands down.

It is homemade out of an old silo and an oil drum.  Genius!

Not a bad place to put your feet up!

Even Bea enjoyed the hot tub!

Swimming with Marianne

Sleeping on blankets in the straw for naptime

Meringues baked in a sun oven.  Again...genius!

This goat wanted to play with Matias instead of heading up the mountain to eat.


We enjoyed Raclette for melt cheese on a grill and then pour it over potatoes.  

We each had a little dish to melt our cheese can sort of see it.  

Beat demonstrating the Swiss way to "cut the cheese"...yes, we shared with them the English meaning of the phrase :)

Marianne, Anita and the girls

Those amazing Mani siblings performed their own Olympic feats on the wood pile

Enjoying those meringes with whipped cream.  FRESH WHIPPED CREAM.  Amazing.

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