Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lend me your ears...

It works!  It actually works!  How have I gone my life without knowing this trick?  I mean, I live in the midwest...we love sweetcorn!  I am never willing to boil an entire pot of water to cook one ear of corn, but this I will do...and have been doing all week!  Nothing better than a fresh ear of corn for lunch!  Enjoy this video from "Grandpa Ken" (yes, I have a Grandpa Ken, no this is not him).


  1. Wow! Cool! As a side note, I have an acronymn for guys like this...COG...cute old guy. He is totally a COG. :)

  2. Totally amazing! Never knew this - thanks for the info! He is a COG!

  3. Aw his Ov-Gloves do work mighty nice! And that is really cool.


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