Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Reading Nook

We have a pre-reader in da house! Something has clicked in that head of hers and suddenly letters and sounds and sight words all have meaning. She is SO enjoying being included in all the reading fun, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate that a bit.  This weekend we moved her bed and made her a reading nook...no, not an e-reader...an honest-to-goodness old fashioned nook. The kind the e-readers were presumably named after.  

She got the beautiful fairy house for her birthday, so we added a floor pillow we had, an old teddy bear of mine for her to read to, a magnetic fridge phonics game in case she wants to hear a letter sound, and some Winnie the Pooh First Words flashcards.

Then I hit up Goodwill for some 39 cent books.  I got an alphabet book, a couple of Bob books, a set of easy readers about Worm, a couple of picture-dictionary style books and put in a copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear that she made at preschool and can read herself.  The idea was to get books she could read on her own.  I spent five whole dollars!

She has really been enjoying reading in HER nook (and her brother is oh-so-jealous, which she also enjoys).  This morning she was reading to her baby sister when I went in to say good morning.  She is taking her new skills very seriously. There is a fine line between encouraging her and pushing her...we hope we fall on the encouraging side...she seems proud of herself.  We certainly are!

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  1. How exciting for her! Also, the bear - is it Cocoa (or Bobo - I can't remember which)?


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