Saturday, November 17, 2012

Matias Turned 5

Time just won't slow down...Matias turned 5 this month!  He is such a fun, smart, quirky kid.  His current favorite things are Legos, logic puzzles, math, playing pretend with his sisters, maps (he is becoming a human GPS), taekwondo, spending time with his grandparents...he's a very happy boy.  Here are a few snapshots of how we celebrated his big day.  But first...the obligatory sentimental pictures...

2012 He has gotten bigger...
...and so has his sense of humor!
We voted on his actual birthday
Party snacks and happy kids
Lego man treasure hunt 
Putting the clues together
Searching for the treasure
Enjoying the treasure.
Lego bingo was a hit. 
Enjoying gifts...he loved everything he got...his friends know him so well!
Halloween costume-turned-Lego-pinata
Lego crayon coloring
Lego cupcakes
Happy boy blowing out his candles.

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