Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'll Throw in some Rope and Tie it to the Car for you.

This year we were not quite sure when we'd have time to cut down a tree, so we randomly decided to stop on the way home from Violet's Christmas Program at school.  It felt a bit like that scene in "A Christmas Story" (ain't no needles comin' off this here tree...), but we had fun.  Pretty much anything done as a surprise that delays bedtime goes over well with our kids!
Our little angel singing in her program.

We found the tree for us...and it turns out it is a REALLY beautiful, soft tree!

Watching the man make a fresh cut and reminiscing about our first Christmas together where we sawed our tree with a steak knife to get it to fit in our tiny apartment! Good times...

Tying it to the top of the van for us.

Too excited to hold still for a picture.

This sleepy girl loves the tree- and all the ornaments she can reach!

It turned out to be a really nice tree, and we had it up and decorated in time for the little Christmas party we hosted this weekend.  Win!

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