Wednesday, December 12, 2012


For Matias' birthday, my awesome sister and brother in law sent Matias a "unit" on Singapore- their new home.  You can read their blog here. It was really awesome...a gift and a homeschool lesson rolled into one.  Here are some of the cool things they sent.

Trying out some chopsticks...on yummy Koala bear snacks from Singapore.

A pretty lantern

This is called "sticky"...the kids love it!  Hard to get a good picture, but it is so beautiful and every piece looks like the flavor that it is.  

Of particular interest to my little GPS was the map of Singapore they sent- with the train stops marked.  

Matias  got to connect the stops to draw the different train lines, and then answered some questions they sent about which trains they took.  Very cool.  I am jealous of Singapore's awesome mass transit- they have no need for a car!

Milo- a favorite hot chocolate drink of Hannah's both in Singapore and during her time in South Africa.  Though why they need HOT chocolate in Singapore I'm not sure!
One the our favorite activities was the money they sent , along with questions like "what is the oldest coin", "can you find a coin from the year you were born" and "do they have the same coin denominations we do?"  We made coin rubbings in their journals and taped in the money and questions to save.  

We love a good theme dinner, so we cooked up some Chicken Satay with a recipe they included.

The kids really liked the peanut sauce!

We broke out our Asian dishes and chopsticks, hung up the big Singapore flag and the lantern and had a nice Singapore dinner.

Thanks for such an awesome gift Hannah and Jacob.  We loved it!  And I don't know about the kids, but I sure learned stuff!

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