Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Haircut for Violet

After (it was a more of a trim than a cut!)

For Christmas, one of Violet's presents was the promise of her very first haircut.  Some people have hairy babies.  I am not one of them.  It took her a good 3 years to get it to the point of (almost) needing a haircut.  Being a curly girl like her mother (grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother), even when her hair got to be a decent length, it just curled itself up nice and short.  It really did need a bit of evening up across the back though, and she was oh-so-anxious to finally have a turn, so we went for it.

We invited her grandmas, and she kindly decided to bring her little sister along as well for a girl's outing.  After the haircut we celebrated at her choice of restaurant, "Square". This little girl of ours is feeling quite grown-up these days!

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