Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Light Table

I am a bit late to the light table craze that has attacked Pinterest. To be honest, I was feeling a bit counter-cultural when it came to light tables...everyone was doing it, so I WASN'T going to. But last week was a long, dark, inside, winter week, and I realized that we had a big tupperware bin and a string of LED lights leftover from Christmas, so I taped some black paper around the inside of the bin, stuck the lights in there and voila.

Turns out, the thing is pretty fun...who knew?! (oh yeah, everyone on Pinterest)

We started by playing with some colored plastic, overlapping them to mix colors, which happened to go nicely with the book Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni that we had just read.  Then we pulled out some pieces from our Blokus game, and a few lenses and prisms from our science set.  Matias discovered that logic puzzles and sudoku are more fun on top of the light table. All three kids seem to enjoy it- especially Beatrice.

I have some other plans in the works for the light table...we will be putting salt on it to do some light table handwriting practice this week.  I also want to get out the clear marble run pieces and try those out.  Maybe play with water beads on there (if I can set aside my type A personality and deal with those bouncing menaces about a Pinterest craze I should have avoided!) I pinned a few more ideas to a light table board on Pinterest (because it is the done thing, you know). turns out that the masses are right...light tables are a lot of fun!

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