Sunday, November 28, 2010


This weekend we had the chance to do some geocaching with our friends Elizabeth and Mark, who were visiting.  Geocaching, which is like treasure hunting with a GPS, is one of our favorite activities.  It gets us outside, takes us to new, unexplored areas, and gives us all a chance to sleuth around for a while.

This particular cache took us to the banks of Lake Zurich, hiking through the woods and down by the water.  It was a large cache, and Elizabeth found it underneath a piece of bark and a log.

Inside is always a log to sign and sometimes a few "treasures", but this time we also found a TravelBug...this one is a Music Bug.  We looked it up online, and this one's goal is to meet as many musicians as it can.  The last person had left it in the cache, and Elizabeth and Mark took it back to Minnesota to help it along its course.  It is so fun to play a tiny part in someone else's idea.

If you haven't geocached before, you really must check it out- you will be amazed that there is, undoubtedly, a geocache right in your neck of the woods!

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  1. It is so fun to see your geocaching adventure!
    I have heard of this and was just mentioning to my husband that we need to look into it! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Enjoy your weekend : )


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