Monday, November 8, 2010


Few things are as fun as celebrating birthdays.  Time spent reflecting on the past years, looking towards future years, and figuring out just what would make the birthday person feel special right now.

For our three year old, that was a marching band party.  Music, instruments, a marching band cake, a marching band game, and best of all, his family, complete with beloved Aunts and Uncles (and surrogate Aunt and Uncle).  Someone once said that "there is a beauty in the natural arrogance of a child who knows he is loved," and it was in full force as Matias marched between family members, tying on blindfold and spinning them around for "pin the marching band hat on Uncle Hans", snuggling in laps, opening gifts and receiving them with big hugs.

Three was ushered in in style, and the memory of it will be enjoyed well past 4, 5 and beyond (as soon as Mommy gets around to adding a page to the Birthday Book!).

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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