Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KY and TN Trip #1

We just returned from a long-planned, long-awaited camping trip with our good friends, Janet and Gavin, and their two little ones.  We went to Kentucky and Tennessee and had a great time seeing a new part of the country.  I am going to attempt to put some pictures and captions along with my daily camping log to make a bit of a journal of our trip.  

6/14- Camping at O'Bannon Woods State Park, Site 187.  Highly recommend this site- huge, lots of trees and picnic tables!  

6/15- Drove to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.  Very hot, and very fun.  Grilled pizza on the fire for dinner.

foal sculptures

Measuring how many hands tall they are

Driving a carriage

Enjoying the rocking horse in the kid's barn

We caught a grooming demonstration and the kids got to try it out.

Went for a horse-drawn trolley ride around the grounds

The hit of the day- pony rides on Gizmo and Twit

The boys waited patiently for their turn
6/16- Today we found a big stream with some shallow rapids and a deeper swimming hole with a rope swing.  Lots of fun!  We made foil dinners on the fire.

These kids LOVE the water

Fishing and throwing stones

It took teamwork to get the kids across the deep water to the rope swing

Caitlin swinging over the water

Making ice cream in the ice cream ball while camping on a hot day...

...best idea ever!

Repacking the car in the rain- just about the only rain we got on the whole trip!

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