Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Garden Journal #8- Birthday Edition

Nothing makes a garden grow like leaving on vacation.  Thanks to the Handleys senior for watering our garden for us!  This is a summary of the past few weeks.

First peas!!  The pea season is over now- it was short but sweet.  We are thinking of pulling down these plants now and planting a second crop for the year.  

The nasturtiums are going crazy!  So beautiful, and a nice, spicy taste.

A lot of chard...enough said.

As of June 29th we have a TON of green tomatoes, lots of blossoms on our zucchini and cukes, a wonderful blend of lettuce types and jalapenos and banana peppers ready to eat.  The broccoli is all gone to seed...guess we should have started new plants.  The spinach is also going to seed...not sure what we did wrong or how to prune it to get big leaves.

Happy birthday Daddy!  Violet made Matt a birthday salad- the first of the season.

Peanutbutter Cup Birthday Bars

Beer can chicken on the grill

Some assistance blowing out the candles

Looking pretty good on his 29th birthday!

Matt on a roof.  What should you do the night before you leave on a week long camping trip?  Why, pick and pit a bazillion cherries, of course.  We thought the frost had killed them all, so we were excited to get any.

It takes a LONG time to pit 12 cups of cherries...but so worth it!

Nothing much more beautiful


  1. those cherries look amazing! perfect camping snacking I'm guessing :-)

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I bet it was!

  3. mmm cherries! I would love to be able to grow them around here. Your garden looks lovely! I have heard of the beer can chicken, is it any good? We might need to try it.

  4. yum! love that colorful salad .. popping over from Ginnys


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