Monday, July 2, 2012

It is CSA Season!

This year our CSA farm share from the past two years shut down, leaving us scrambling.  Luckily, we ended up with an even better situation (though we are in mourning for the fabulous cheese share that we will miss this year).  We have joined Genesis Growers, out of St. Anne, Illinois.  We will get a box of produce each week, and a dozen eggs every other week.  We picked up the first box today- right around the corner from us...walking distance!  This is a big improvement over the 20 minute drive during rush-hour pick up time from last year.

The box was full of beautiful things...and a good amount.  I feel like our family should be able to eat our way through this box without waste.  I may write a post here and there about what we get in the box and what we make.

Today we received:

-Yellow Squash
-Purple Leeks? Is there such a thing?

I mentally rate the produce by difficulty of knowing what to do with it (or what it is).  Cabbage, romaine, kale, squash, cukes...easy.  So I decided to go right for the tough stuff and dive into the kohlrabi and purple leeks.  I get bonus points for finding a recipe I could use both in.

For dinner, we tried this kohlrabi puree recipe from  I substituted a leek for the onion and omitted the mushrooms.  The puree is not beautiful since the leaves are in there, but it is nice and salty and earthy...and healthy.  I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but then stood there eating it by the fingerful.  Not a bad way to eat kohlrabi...much better than my only other attempt last year (roasting).  I might make it again...6/10.  Beatrice liked it, Violet tried it, Matias looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked if he wanted any....par for the course around here.

I made kale chips out of the kale...those went over much better.  At one point Violet tried to take the bowl away from me, accusing me of wanting to eat all of them.  Touche.

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  1. you can peel the kohlrabi and just dip it like any other veggie. its quite mild. you can also eat the greens like you would beet greens. Ruby loved dipping the kohlrabi at that age!


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