Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Basket #1

Beatrice is exploring everything these days.  We have been making her "baby baskets" that have a few loosely-themed items in them.  She seems to enjoy them (at least before her brother and sister make off with her items for their latest make-believe).  

This week we did a wood-themed basket.  It contained:

-wooden spoons
-her eating spoons
-tree blocks
-thick twine (okay, so not technically wooden)
-a wooden puzzle toy
-toy bread slices
-rhythm sticks
-a hair barette
-a wooden paintbrush (her favorite)

There are many ideas out there for little ones.  Marianne at Counting Coconuts has lots of ideas for "treasure baskets."  I also have some ideas on my "baby" Pinterest board. In the future we may make baskets for different colors, shiny objects, animals or different textures.  All three of my kids have actually had quite a bit of fun with it!

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