Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KY and TN Trip #2

6/17- Today we visited Churchill Downs Racetrack, home of the Kentucky Derby, on Father's Day.  We returned to camp to grill delicious chicken and vegetables, and topped it off with S'Mores.
Watching the horses make their way to the gate

Ironically, a horse called "Storm Clouds Coming" won the race right on this stormy day

The only rain came between races though, and didn't stop the action

Janet and Gavin...shortly after this we decided to find dry, shady seats!

Family photo op- the kids were not as enthused about the idea as I was

Matt's first Mint Julep (and Violet's missed naptime)

Matias LOVES the race program and betting on the ponies

Brandishing his $2 bet slip and screaming "Go Number 8" for the ENTIRE race

I believe Number 8 is in the light blue...

Watching in style from our box

Gotta love the things you see driving almost 2,000 miles
6/19- Took down camp and drove through Ft. Knox to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  We took the awesome 2 hour Historic Tour of the cave.  I carried a mostly-sleeping Beatrice and Matt carried a sleeping (read: dead weight) Violet through the Fat Man's Misery and Tall Man's Agony passages.  Matias LOVED the hike through the cave.  Then we moved on to Nashville, TN and set up camp at Seven Points Campground, site 38, on Percy Priest Lake.  It is another lovely site, right across from the lakeshore.
Fat Man's Misery

It was only 50 degrees in the cave, but Matt and I were both sweaty by the end!

I think Beatrice got a lot out of the experience

We made it!!

Time for water and milkshakes
6/19-Today we visited the Cheekwood Botanic Garden's exhibit of treehouses- wonderful and hot!  We had lunch at Shoney's (so we could say we'd been South).  Hit the beach in the afternoon- the kids loved it. Steak for dinner!
Each treehouse was book-inspired.  This was Lord of the Flies


A Pirate Book of some sort

The Hobbit

Rainbow Fish

Can't remember the book...big ball of yarn!

Violet's face reflects how our poor waitress probably felt facing this table!

Baby Bath in a Bucket

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