Monday, June 4, 2012

Camping at Rock Cut

Memorial Day Weekend marked our first camping trip of the season.  We were lucky enough to camp with my sister, her boyfriend, my parents (in their brand new trailer!) and my mom's parents.  How many kids can say they've camped with their great grandparents?!  The weather really ran the gamut...Friday night we were bundled up and snuggled through a very long and loud (but cool) thunderstorm.  By Sunday we were seeking shade and enjoying the teeny tiny wading was HOT.  I will admit that we took a half hour long driving tour of the state park with the air conditioning blasting after lunch.  We all agreed the best parts of the weekend were time with family.  Saturday morning we hung out in the trailer to escape the rain and got to play card games, make shadow hand puppets with our flashlight and tell stories together.  It was awesome and brought back lots of memories of rainy camping days with my family when I was little.  Our kids aren't quite old enough for Monopoly yet, but soon!  We can't wait to head out in a few weeks for another, longer trip to KY and TN.

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