Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Board Books

With a new book lover in the house, we have once again pulled out the stash of board books (though many of them have never really been put away).  Right now Bea is learning how to pull them out of the basket, flip the pages and stick them in her mouth.  We try not to let them become chew toys, but we do keep in mind that she learns about the world through her mouth at the moment.  Luckily there is usually a brother or sister on hand to pull it out and say "Beatrice, we don't eat books, we READ books!"  All that really matters at this age is that she snuggles up on our laps and learns that books=good.  Things like turning pages, looking at the pictures, listening to and reading (!) the words will develop in the years to come.  For right now, we are just enjoying snuggling our little lady and drooling our way through some books together.

Here is a list of some of our favorite board books:

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