Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Garden Journal #5

This weekend we planted!  Here are some diagrams of our garden beds: three in the back, and Violet's in the front of the house.  

We planted everything from seed except for the tomatoes, half of the peppers, and the broccoli from last year that wintered over.
Just like last year, we over-engineered an irrigation system for the garden.  This time, employing PVC standpipes connected to flexible corrugated plastic tubing which curves around each garden bed.  As Violet is demonstrating in the picture, we stick the hose in the pipe and the bed is watered.  Magic.  We can use water from the spigot or our rain barrel.

Plants are starting to pop up.  Our strawberries (transplanted from the back) are VERY happy in their new home next to Violet's garden.  The peas are already huge and the beans, beets and nasturtium are beginning to show up as well.  Our garden is finally looking like a garden!

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