Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Live with Matt Glaz

Matt Glaz, or "Matt Ga-Lass", as Violet calls him, came over to hang out tonight.  He treated the kids to a live performance of Ketchup, which is quite possibly their favorite song.  Here is a little video we took...Matias was beside himself with excitement...he couldn't sit still and alternated between getting inches from Matt's face, singing along, and writhing on the couch. Enjoy!

Every seven setting suns
Ground up soy and whole-wheat buns
Spatula and two plates clean
Patties on the foil—we’re all set to broil
And if you’re still on the fence
Why not add some condiments?
Mustard, pickles, leafy greens
But now the fridge door’s spread, and not one bottle’s red
My God, you forgot the ketchup—you knew we need more
Don’t try telling me this is my fault—you were just at the store
Baby, I don’t wanna fight
It’s too early in the night
Why don’t I throw on some shoes?
Keep our dinner heated—I’ll get what we’ve needed
Then I saw the candy aisle
Got distracted for a while
Came home with some Charleston Chews
Something in your eyes made me realize
My God, I forgot the ketchup—the thing I went out for
You must think my memory’s like that of a brachiosaur
Baby, don’t be blue…maybe we can try Ragu
Seven days go by in vain
Still we eat our burgers plain
With each shopping trip this week
We forgot, in haste, our tomato paste
But it’s not so bad a loss
Getting used to barbecue sauce
I’ve still got you when life looks bleak
Plastic bottles?  Please!  You are my main squeeze
We always forget the ketchup—you know that it’s true
But one thing I’ll always remember is forgetting with you
It don’t really make any difference what goes on my bun
’Cause while you may make burgers boring, you make life so much fun
Oh yeah, you make life so much fun

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