Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Garden Journal #7

With lots of rain and heat, the growing has begun in earnest.  We have been watering, weeding and thinning (Sigh.  We are trying to be more ruthless, but there is something awful about thinning out baby plants...definitely not our strong suit!)  Here is a sampling of what's up (pun intended!).

Spinach and lettuce thinned, carrots just beginning and broccoli towering in the back
Tomatoes starting to flower in the back, peppers begging to flower on the left side, and a million baby maple trees.  If you look carefully you can see some banana peppers!

The pole beans are starting to climb, and the zucchini and cucumbers are beginning to pop up out of the mounds

Violet's garden is happy!

The peas have almost reached the top of the railing!

Her tomato is flowering.

The nasturtiums are such a beautiful shape

We can't remember exactly what this is...did we plant beets and Swiss chard that happen to look alike, or did we really plant THAT MUCH CHARD?  AGAIN?  Oh dear...
We are fighting a battle against the million maple seeds that are trying to establish a forest in our nice, rich compost soil.  Ugh.  Next year we are going to till the beds and then cover them during the initial seed-drop.  This year we just helped them out by tilling them in and watering them. LOTS of weeding.  Lesson learned.


  1. Maple seedlings are a problem here too! That's a good idea to cover the land during the first drop!

  2. chickweed seedlings all over my place - I'm hoe-ing all the time and hoping that they'll give up eventually (though I know that they won't!)

  3. Beautiful garden and beautiful kids!
    Hope to see you again at another Busy Bag Swap sometime.
    --Gena at


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