Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chalkboard Game

We have been playing a new game at our house recently.  We call it the chalkboard game.  All it requires is a chalkboard and a wet paintbrush.  The idea is to write something on the chalkboard, and then the child has to paint over it to erase it.  We've used it to work on a variety of skills.

Violet is starting to recognize the names of family members, so we played one round where I gave her clues about a member of our family and she had to find that person's name and erase it with the paintbrush.

Then we did a round with letters.  First I just gave her the names of letters to find, then I gave her the sound, and then I gave her words that started with the letter.  We also did a round with lower case letters and capital letters (aka mommy letters and baby letters).

Matias has been learning about "amazing places" around the globe in a neat encyclopedia he has, so for him I gave him clues to a place and he had to find and erase the place.  His fine motor skills got a workout trying to paint over each tiny letter.

There is no end to the ways you can use this "game"...and I will admit that painting on the chalkboard is even fun for me!


  1. ahh- LOVE this! I am totally using it :0) Thanks!

  2. Smart Idea. Language recognition, writing, motor skills, memory, and fun all in one neat package. Will try it out with Sanjay soon.

  3. Great idea! I've done this with preschoolers and kindergarteners, each time with great results. Making learning fun is so important! Thanks for sharing this post with us. :)


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